My New Rice Cooker is the Best

The best rice cookers last long, and mine has suffered me for 18 long years. Many things have changed in this period, haven’t they? I kind of planned to put my old rice cooker to sleep and started searching for rice cooker reviews 2016. The features that form part of modern rice cookers are mind boggling. I was almost certain that I am going ahead with purchasing a fuzzy rice cooker, when a friend called me up and asked me to look at some induction rice cookers. My first reaction was “what is that now?”. But then, I gave in and searched for top rice cooker for brown rice. You will wonder why brown rice. Because at my age, if you are not health conscious, you will be staring at the those hospital bills and adding more frowns on your forehead. Anyway, the fuzzy rice cooker I was about to purchase could make brown rice, so I asked for that feature, confident that the list would not have any.

I was surprised that there are rice cookers that are both induction cookers, as well as fuzzy cookers. Fuzzy rice cookers, as you know, has some microchip based technology that cooks the rice perfectly without burning it, or making it soft. The brand name Zojirushi inspires so much confidence, isn’t it? But I still went on to search for what else this rice cooker would be doing for me, and found that I could practically do everything in it that I could do with other rice cookers, fuzzy or not.

I bought it paying almost $400. As I opened the box, I silently told it “you’d better be good, I have paid a lot for you”. Three months down the lane, I can tell you I am delighted with my purchase. I get to choose how I want my rice. Yeah, it allows me to tell it whether I like my rice hard, soft, or what it called regular. I can also use it to make porridge, umami, jasmine rice, soups, etc., in this rice cooker. It does take some time, but as I said before, my old faithful is still live and kicking. If I need faster service, or multiple service, that will be used too. I no longer regret spending that amount for purchasing this rice cooker, because power savings are obvious too.