Finding a Quality Espresso Machine Using Reviews

A year ago, my daughter needed to move away from home to college in another state. As any mother would do, I went about getting her ready by buying the stuff she needed while at school. We had little time to prepare and I actually forgot to buy some stuff. Among the essentials I forgot to buy was a coffee machine. My daughter has always loved coffee. She actually wondered how I could forget getting her one of the most important kitchen appliances. As she put it, she wouldn’t survive without her own brewed espresso. Her studies demanded it.

I had to find an espresso machine fast and have it shipped to her college. I started my search online. The large number of espresso machine brands and models was confusing. I wanted a quality appliance that would last the four years my girl was in college. So I took a different route in my search. I read the automatic espresso machine reviews. My goal was simple. I would find the best espresso machines review as rated by consumers and in particular college students.

It took about an hour to read through dozens of reviews and spot one machine that got the most reviews. It is a compact machine that can prepare different coffee types. It is also easy to use, clean and maintain. The price was fair given that most competing units with similar features were priced slightly higher. I loved it instantly and knew my daughter would love it too.

The machine was shipped to my girl within 2 days. I can still remember the joy she had when she called back to thank me. The machine still works great even after a year. I believe that without making use of the reviews, I would have ended up buying a low quality appliance that would have broken down after a few uses.