Best knife set i need to talk about


I was really fascinated with this knife set’s handle. It had a dimpled handle on all of the knives. The knife set that I’m talking about is the Global 7-piece Ikasu Knife Block Set. The reason I decided to purchase this knife set is not because I needed a new one, it’s because I was getting bored with my Mercer Culinary knife set. Have I mentioned that the Global Knife set also comes with an Acrylic Knife Block that has Bamboo borders.

The Knives That You Will Get

This set will give a 3-inch Paring Knife, a 4.5-inch Utility Knife, a 5-inch Utility Knife, a 5.5-inch Nakiri Knife, an 8-inch Chef’s Knife and an 8-inch Bread Knife. As this was my first time using a Japanese Knife Set, I was curious to know the usage of a Nakiri knife which I later found out was excellent at slicing vegetables.

The Feel of The Knives

First, I would like to talk about the unique handle. The handle gives a great grip even when your hands are wet. The handles are filled with sand and also steel that has been hardened. The blade is made out of their special CROMOVA 18 high-carbon stainless steel which makes it much more durable. These features make these knives much more balanced.

Oddly enough, they stay sharper longer and they’re much easier to sharpen than my previous knife set. Even though it looks like a toy knife, it is super sharp so don’t mess around with these knives. I know it says it’s resistant to corrosion but I take the extra step to always dry my knives before storing them away.

If you like to experiment with kitchen knives or you happen to like using Japanese knives, I recommend you to try the Global 7-Piece Ikasu Knife Block Set. As a person who had only used German Knives, this knife set gave me a good impression towards Japanese Knives.

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A Big, Cheap and Excellent Knife Set

This knife set not only has 9 forged knives but it also has 8 steak knives. I purchased this knife set because I had tried it out at my cousin’s house last year for Christmas. I was amazed at the quality of these knives and the preparation time that we took with the ingredients was quite fast than usual. The best knife set that I’m talking about is the Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18-Piece Block Set.


Type of Knives

The stained pine wood block slot fills in a 3-inch peeling knife, a 5-inch utility knife, a 7.75 inch chef knife, an 8-inch slicer, a 7.75 inch bread knife, a 5-inch partoku knife, a 7-inch santoku knife, a 3.25-inch paring knife, eight 4.25-inch steak knives and an 8-inch sharpening steel.

My Experience with the Knife Set

As I have mentioned, I have worked with this knife set before. My impression towards these knives have not changed. Even though my cousin has been using them for almost a year, they were still razor sharp and she said she has yet to take them to the local knife sharpening service. My knives were razor sharp out of the box. Their high-carbon stainless steel blade has been exclusively taper-grinned to give that long-lasting razor sharp edge.

The handle of the knives are black non-slip cushion grip. It’s very comfortable to grip on. Imagine having no wrist pains after peeling through a sack of potatoes, chopping carrots and slicing chicken meat. At the end of the knife, there is also a small mass of stainless steel which makes the knives look sleek.

All of these features make these knives have the perfect balance, weight and performance. Don’t hesitate in purchasing the knife set as I have not regret purchasing it. Have I mentioned that it comes with a lifetime warranty?

More Cookware Reviews to Add to the List


Later that day my mother was checking cookware sets reviews on amazon for me (I was getting married way back than) anyways and there she found such positive reviews about Farberware cookware and thought of ordering it for me as a wedding present. I thought it was such a bizarre idea as I did not know cooking. Therefore gifting me this would be a complete waste of money but then again I was wrong, these pots were the world’s best gift a mother could ever give to her child. Today I am a chef at Hawks worth restaurant. It is amongst the top 100 restaurants in Canada. Imagine a girl with no cooking experience could reach such heights – all thanks to this cookware.

This Farberware cookware was always dependable and looks like non-breakable. I am saying this because of my experience, sometimes I melted cheese directly on the pan and the whole cheese would stick on the pan and would then have to scrape it all the way still these pans would clean up so well, the stainless steel and non-sticking coating would not let you ruin the pots even if you let the cheese overcook. Since these pots have made my life I surely recommend Farberware Classic cookware to be a part of every women’s’ kitchen.

Another good one is cook n home 15 piece pots and pans. These are a little cheaper than Farberware but are definitely cost effective and best for serving small families. These pots are easy to use and have aluminum made gauge which is tremendously conductive. Secondly, it has clean exterior. Although not for induction with surprisingly soft touch handles made of good quality plastic. Furthermore, they do have grooves in the end so that the pans do not slide off from the stove and the whole struggle would go in vain. Overall I am very pleased with the whole design, quality and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

kitchen knife set

After 3 years of working as a waitress in a fast-food chain, I have finally saved enough money to pursue something that has been close to my heart. My passion has always been in preparing different meals and desserts for different occasions. I can still remember how this dream started. A group of my father’s friends came over for dinner and told me that they’d definitely hire me to cook dishes for their parties. I often volunteered to cook for small gatherings for free until I started getting calls to professionally cater to special events during my spare time.

Cooking Business

Now that I am starting a catering business, I make sure that I don’t waste time and maximize all the resources I can get. Being in this industry demands efficiency, which can be achieved with proper meal preparation. As a starter, it is vital to have an idea on which best kitchen knives set for the money. I prefer to get a cutlery set with a lot of knife pieces because I would normally be doing specialized preparation for my menu. I always go for a forged and high carbon no-stain knife for durability and rust prevention. It may cost a little more than the others, but the quality would definitely serve its purpose.

Another point to check is the knife’s tang. I would choose one with a full tang because it would mean a solid connection with the blade and the handle. This gives me a sense of security because there would be no forcing required, therefore, accidents can be prevented. Of course, the knives should be sharp and balanced for easy maneuvering especially during peak season. And lastly, I make sure to have a feel of the grip on each one so I know that I can work effectively. Once I find the good one to buy, my next purchase would be my very own catering dish sets.