Best Chef Knife

best chef knifeAside from cars, my brother loves to cook. This year, I thought I might surprise him with a new Chef Knife for his birthday. Little did I know there were many well-known brands out there.

Kitchen Knife Brands

For example, Wusthof, Global and even Shun. Honestly, as a person who does not cook that much I was confuse. Thankfully there were a lot of knife reviews online to guide me.

Excellent Chef Knives

Even though my brother does not care for the look of the knife, I do. Out of all the chef knives suggested, two of them stood out the most to me.

1. Victorinox 8 Inch Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife
2. J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Classic 8-inch Chef’s Knife

Aesthetics Of These Kitchen Knives

Compared to the artistic and exclusive Japanese knives, the looks of these knives may be a bit dull but the J.A. Henckels International Chef’s Knife looks much nicer than the Victorinox as the handle is attached to the blade. Not only that, I feel that it’s great for sanitary purposes but looks does not necessarily matter in this case.

The handle of the Victorinox might look cheap since it’s made of rubber but it’s slip resistant and makes the knife feel more lighter in your hands compared to the full-tang triple-rivet handle on the J.A. Henckels. It’s much easier to grip and use, especially if you’re old. The J.A. Henckels handle is much more heavier but it is just right to give a balance feeling to the user.

Functionality of These Chef Knives

Both chef’s knives are great for bigger tasks such as slicing through meat and for smaller tasks such as mincing and dicing vegetables. The 8-inch blade is usually a great asset to anyone’s kitchen as it is a multipurpose knife but I think it’s the material of the blade is what really counts. Now, the Victorinox’s blade is made out of Stainless Steel while the J.A. Henckels is made out High-carbon German Stainless Steel. Even though the J.A. Henckels blade is much more stronger, you have to ensure that you wipe it after washing as it tends to rust if you don’t.

Th J.A. Henckels blade is much more curvier than the Victorinox. I feel that it is easier for the user to use the rock-chopping motion for herbs and small vegetables. However if you’re a beginner and you’re looking for something much more easier to use, I would recommend getting the Victorinox.

Lifetime Warranty For Both Knives

Lastly, the best part about both of these chef’s knife is that it comes with a lifetime warranty so you do not need to worry about the knife chipping or anything.

My Pick

In the end, I bought the J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Classic 8-inch Chef’s Knife as my brother’s gift because of it’s durability and I think that my brother would really appreciate as well as maintain the condition of the knife.