DIY – How to create the Crepe Paper Daffodils

DIY - How to make Crepe Paper Daffodils


    • crepe paper (
    • 24-gauge cloth covered floral wire (available at craft stores like Michaels)
    • green floral tape (also Michaels)
    • flower templates (click here to download)
    • scissors
    • quick-setting gel glue (such as Beacon 3-n-1)

DIY - How to make Crepe Paper Daffodils

First, cut out all of your template pieces. Fold crepe paper together so that you have 3 or 4 layers, then place the template on top and cut around it. It’s easier to cut several layers of crepe paper at a time, and if you find it difficult to cut around the template, you can trace around it with a dull pencil and then cut along the traced lines.

For each flower, you’ll need 1 piece for the pistil, 1 piece for the spathe (optional – I skipped the spathe altogether, since the flowers were clustered together), 1 trumpet piece, and 2 sets of petals.

DIY - How to make Crepe Paper Daffodils


1. The idea is to twist the paper tightly, with one end being slightly larger. You’ll have to feel it out a bit, but start at one corner and bring the edge in. If you fold it in on itself, then begin to twist on a diagonal, you’ll get the shape you want. (Use trial and error, but don’t worry too much. The flowers will still look lovely, even if your pistil isn’t perfect.) Put a little glue on the end of the pistil and attach it to the end of a piece of floral wire (if you have a shallow vase, you can cut your floral wire in half to get two stems).

2. Place a little glue along one of the edges of the trumpet shape and fold it over to create a cylinder shape. When the glue has dried (just a few seconds, if you use a quick-setting gel glue and don’t use too much), stretch the top edge of the crepe paper between your fingers. This will create a slightly ruffled edge. Place the cylinder over the floral wire and cinch at the bottom, twisting tightly. Place your finger inside the cylinder to create a cupped shape.

3. Stretch each petal along the middle, so that the petals have a slightly cupped shape. Place a small bit of glue along the bottom edge of the first set of petals and place it around the bottom of the trumpet, spacing the petals evenly.

4. Place a small bit of glue along the bottom edge of the second set of petals and place it over the first set of petals, spacing them so that each petal of the second set falls between the petals on the first layer. If you have made a spathe, crumple the shape in your hand, then unfold it. Put a little glue along the edge and place it just under the petals. Pull it slightly away from the flower. Cut a strip of floral tape and wrap it around the stem, starting at the base of the flower. Stretch the tape as you go, so that it will adhere to itself; trim the excess. Bend the flower head at an angle, just as natural daffodils would hang.

This tutorial was created by our guest blogger, Suzonne Stirling as part of a DIY Springtime Tablescape.
Click here to learn a little bit more about Suzonne Stirling.
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