{ japanese washi tape + spring, Part II}

Addicted! So got my Washi tape in the mail and I’ve been having a blast playing with! The applications for this tape are endless. Today’s post is about applying the tape to glass objects. The tape has a bit of transparency to it and applying it to the glass vases was such a cool effect. I especially loved how the tape looked on the smoky white vases. Using the yellows and oranges soften up the vases but I could see how using bright, bold colors would give the vases a completely different effect. I also love how forgiving the tape is. If you apply a strip or are not liking an application you can just take it off and start over. Enjoy these photos and at the end we will talk about the how-to’s and lessons learned!

Japanese Washi Tape and Three Glass Vases

Japanese Washi Tape and Three Glass Vases

Japanese Washi Tape and Three Glass Vases

Japanese Washi Tape and Glass Vases

Japanese Washi Tape and a Painted Cup I

Japanese Washi Tape and a Painted Cup II

Okay, now let’s talk application. All of the applications for the tape were the same except the last two which were on painted plastic. Applying the tape to glass was very easy. Just cut strips the same length and go! With the last two I wanted to try some different patterns. The first one, creating a lace look, was pretty difficult. I placed the tape on parchment paper and then used my lace hole punch. I have to admit, it was tricky because the tape didn’t always get completely punched or it would get stuck in there. I would like to continue to play with hole punches and Washi tape but I think I only have the patients for small applications using this technique! The last photo, using the different red patterned tapes was easy. I just cut small strips the same size and applied them to the plastic.

Two Lessons Learned I would like to pass on to all of you!

1. It’s very difficult applying the tape horizontally. As you can see in the last photo, the Washi tape is buckling and I found it next to impossible not to have this happen.
2. I noticed on the vases that have curves, the tape has started to come up in places. I think if I was really happy with how the Washi tape looked on a vase with curves I would apply an adhesive over the tape. I’m thinking Mod Podge… but not sure how that would look. Let me know if you have a suggestion!

I hope you enjoyed these images as much as I enjoyed making them. Stay tuned, Tina over at Happy Tapewas nice enough to sponsor a Washi Tape giveaway which will start next week.

Oh and I would love to post your Washi Tape projects. Email me links or photos to: tobecharmed at yahoo dot com.

~ Elizabeth
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